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Education for Sustainable Development The Ecuadorian System of Education for Sustainable Development has 18 lines of action that seek to educate environmentally and socially responsible citizens, thus aiming to reach more than 4 million students by 2030.

After signing the Pact for Education for Sustainable Development, an agreement that makes Ecuador a pioneer in the quest to establish Education for Sustainable Development as public policy.

The Ministry of Environment and Water promoted the implementation of the National Strategy for Environmental Education which is the basis for the construction of the proposal called "Ecuadorian System of Education for Sustainable Development - SEEDS", which focuses on strengthening knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes both individually and collectively of the educational community, which will reach more than 4 million students nationwide and about 200,000 teachers in the country.

It highlights the importance of education for sustainable development and how this process promotes education for life, an education that seeks a balance between the environmental, the social, and the economic. We cannot talk about education for sustainable development if we do not consider environmental education as a vital management and training tool, especially for our children and young people.

If you want to be part of the solution, there are different ways to support.


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