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We are a multidisciplinary team with more than 15 years of experience in managing socio-environmental, educational and agricultural projects. We have experience, we live in this community, we know the reality first-hand and we are already creating a regenerative culture in our own lives.  

We were united by the same desire to serve, create, strengthen and empower the rural and ancestral communities of Ecuador, through the creation and promotion of social projects, economic development and environmental protection.


Andrew Pollack

I have great hopes for our future. I see many opportunities to improve the planet. I believe that all people can have a positive impact on the environment, if we apply the correct methods.

We have a responsibility to strive to improve our ways of conservation and coexistence.


I like to participate in projects that add short and long-term value to the community and the environment.


I am a doctor of acupuncture and traditional medicine with 10 years of experience, I spent 8 years working in a monastery as a cook and 20 years of regular meditation practice. Today I use my experience to enrich the harmony between people and nature.


Katherine Lee

Passionate about conscious movement, arts and life in nature. I celebrate diversity, freedom of thought and authentic expression.

Through design, environmental education and the management of regenerative projects, I have worked for different organizations in the public and private sector where I had the opportunity to share activities that promote awareness, community life, the development of Being and respect for Mother Earth. 

Tierra Nativa inspires me to continue weaving dreams in community, taking care of life and planting a legacy for all generations to come.


Paula Acosta

Authentic and absolute devotee for everything that represents life in all its forms.

Born in Quito, my life is movement. I have lived almost half of my life in various parts of Europe and now my base  and heart are in Puerto Rico, a small fishing community in the south of Manabí, Ecuador. This is where Tierra Nativa is operating.

Consultant in marketing and distribution of agricultural products; I advised associations and companies on aspects of organic certification and marketing. My expertise is in cocoa and chocolate.

Today I use my experience and joy to get involved with rural communities and support their processes towards the well-being of Mother Nature and its inhabitants.


Joonas Uotila

Since childhood I have had a strong relationship with Finland’s pristine lakes and forests. Growing up spending a lot of time in nature, either trekking, fishing, hunting or skiing, made me a person who respects the beauty we have around us. I found it one of the challenges of our time to keep this beauty alive and to live in harmony with Mother Earth. 


I’m an entrepreneur with many years of experience from both business and technology domains. I hope that through my work with Tierra Nativa, I can combine my love for nature and my working experience to create a more sustainable future.

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