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Regenerative culture to live in harmony with nature  

Circular economy, education, innovation, regenerative culture


what do we do

Manage and link projects that promote regenerative communities to live in harmony with nature.

What are we trying to achieve

Reverse climate change.

Empower native communities to be guardians of life.

Strengthen initiatives that promote circular economy

What can you do

 Below are different ways to be part of the regenerative culture

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In the process of evolution of life, our conscious participation adds to the richness and the bio-cultural diversity of our communities


This program of community and school gardens proposes solutions focused on local food security through updating knowledge and technologies in agroecology.

It seeks to actively involve the community in each of the processes.

Ayampe River

The Ayampe River supplies water to over 30.000 people. Its protection and its watershed are our key projects.

For this purpose, we promote initiatives that guarantee the proper use of natural resources.

We also aim for intergenerational rights and responsibilities over the river which is the source of life for the region.


zero waste

Reducing waste to mitigate pollution and preserve ecosystems.

This program provides awareness campaigns, environmental education, beach cleanups, and the creation of sustainable enterprises that take advantage of waste.

We work hand in hand with the Mingas por el Mar organization.



Through this program we seek to promote empowerment, initiative, teamwork and environmental awareness through the implementation of businesses aligned with regenerative values, such as sustainable trade, responsible consumption and community development.



Life is a regenerative community. We just need to realize that we are part of it. Thus, the best of science and the ancestral wisdom of each community can be applied so that life on this planet prospers.


Paula Acosta

Absolutely devoted to everything that nature represents, including human life within it.

It is my solidarity with my own friends and everyone else on this planet, that has allowed me to relate to many people in different parts of the world exchanging energy, knowledge, kindness and warm smiles.

Born in Quito, I lived in Germany and Portugal for over 20 years and now my home and heart are in Puerto Rico, a small fishing community South of Manabí, Ecuador.  This is the base of Tierra Nativa.

Consultant in marketing and distribution of agricultural products;  I was a consultant for agricultural associations on organic certification and marketing aspects. 

Today I use my experience and joy to get involved in the communities and support their processes.

I find balance through yoga and meditation.


Cynthia Baratau

Since I was little, my histrionic skills have been expressed in a surprising way, which allowed me to easily reach people through words and emotions. 

A skilled communicator by profession, I am able to thrive in any setting. I became involved with Tierra  Nativa because it has allowed me to develop my values and respect for Life, without compromising my beliefs. 

Passionate, I intensely love everything around me, I fight for social justice, and I am moved by contact with the earth. I am proud to be Ecuadorian. I want to let everyone know that I am a free spirit.

Free and eager for everything. I firmly believe in people, I believe in the common good, and I believe that I will leave a legacy whose seeds translate into abundance, happiness, and good life.


Andrew Pollack

I have great hope for our future. I see so many opportunities to improve the planet. I believe that people can have a positive impact on the environment if we apply the correct methods.

I want to participate in projects that add value to the community and the environment in the short and long term. We have the responsibility to strive to improve our forms of conservation and coexistence.


I am a doctor of acupuncture and traditional medicine with 10 years of experience, I spent 8 years working in a monastery as a cook and 20 years of regular meditation practice. I want to use my expertise to enrich the harmony between people and nature.


Katherine Lee

I celebrate diversity, freedom of thought, and authentic expression.

Passionate about conscious movement, the arts, and natural life.

From a young age, I decided to share activities that promote awareness, community life, and respect for mother earth through the design, education, and management of regenerative projects.

Being part of Tierra Nativa helps me to materialize my aspirations of creating and living in a healthy community, enjoying the beauty of life, and empowering future generations to live in truth.



Promote the support of local Ecuadorian communities through the conservation of nature, social empowerment, and economic development.



To be agents of change with generational responsibility, whose strategic actions encourage the recognition of the rights and voice of Mother Earth around the globe.




All our actions are rooted in respect, empathy and collective well-being.



Aware that all of our actions and omissions have an impact on future generations.



We celebrate diversity, and we include all the voices that are in tune with the strategic principles of Tierra Nativa

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There are different ways to be part of the regenerative culture



Green School





Other forms 

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