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We protect and care
Our Earth

Learn about our species conservation and environmental education projects

Current projects

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Through the Green School project, we provide tools for environmental protection that enable the community to make responsible decisions, focus on solutions, and become Agents of Change.

Through participatory dynamics with the community and with a focus on sustainability we offer different workshops 

-Creation of community gardens 

-Proper management of solid waste

-Creation of community gardens 

-Ecological enterprises

-Conservation of flora and fauna 



The sea turtle hospital project in Las Tunas, Manabí, will be an invaluable tool for the conservation of these endangered species, as well as for promoting environmental education and community participation in the protection of coastal ecosystems.


The hospital design will include areas for medical care, rehabilitation and quarantine of the turtles, as well as facilities for personnel and laboratories for research.


It also seeks to implement educational programs aimed at local communities and visitors to raise awareness of the importance of sea turtle and coastal ecosystem conservation. Encouraging the participation of local volunteers in conservation and beach cleanup activities.

This project is carried out with the Mingas por el Mar Foundation and the Juvimar Foundation.


This project seeks to implement an efficient and simple system for wastewater treatment in coastal communities in Ecuador.


We work together with the communities to raise awareness of the critical relationship that human beings have with water and the urgent need to protect this vital resource from any form of contamination.


In this sense, our focus is to collaborate in the regulations on construction standards, water supply and sewage treatment.


Learn about the initiatives implemented by the Agua Sagrada Project in the La Entrada Commune, Santa Elena.



Promoting the application of Agroforestry Systems (combination of crops that enrich and regenerate soils), as an innovative practice in small and medium-sized plots.



Developing workshops in schools with our allies of Floresta Nativa, an organization that has already implemented several workshops on agroforestry systems and permaculture in the region of Baja Manabi.


We also have the support of the TMA Foundation (Third Millenium Alliance), whose flagship project is the cultivation and marketing of national cocoa for the development of the communities of the Jama Coaque Reserve.


Actions that protect

We have been working since 2021 on the reactivation of groups of beach cleaning called "Mingas". The Recycled Garbage Collection Center has also been reactivated, where we separate recyclable waste and deliver it to the Puerto Lopez Recyclers Association.  

We work hand in hand with the organization Mingas por el mar which is the organization working at a national level registering the data collected from each Mingas group and sending an annual report to the government. Thanks to this effort the plastics law in Ecuador is already in enforcement.

We also cooperate with Colectivo Cabos whose focus is the reuse of fishing ropes and nets that are found washing up daily on the beaches.
This initiative seeks to educate the community involved in fishing and give them a future economic benefit in return for the ropes that are collected from the sea.  


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